RShape Diamond Artisan (RDA) Box

RShape Diamond Artisan (RDA) Box

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RSHAPE DIAMOND ARTISAN BOX (RDA Box) was designed to satisfy your very needs. The OG, the first of many, the one the started it all.
- Aluminum 6061 CNC 
- Sand pressure & anodized finish
- Acrylic cover with magnet
- Displays up to 24 artisans (6x4)
- Non-slip bumpons


Case Specifications

Cell Size: 19.5 x 19.5 x 18 mm (up to SA Profile)
Cell Wall Size: 10 mm
Case Dimensions: 152  x 110 x 24 mm
Weight: 330 gram


RSHAPE Diamond Artisan Box (RDA BOX) with price USD 75$
Delivery time is around 10 -15 working days


You can pick up the special anodize color for your own box. (10 USD)

We normally putting our brand logo behide the product but you can add on you own logo. (40 USD)

The back up Acrylic cover is an option too (10 USD)

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