65 aluminum custom keyboard - used kbd67 pcb - CNC by RSHAPE

This is a story about a personal who live living in USA named Duc. He is young, cute, enthusiasm. I feel that he have a strong love with mechanical keyboard, and the things start when he message in RSHAPE fanpage.

Then the journey of building a personal keyboard began. RSHAPE are CNC machining team, honestly we don't know much clear about Mech Keyboard. We help each other to find out solution for that keyboard.

First, the pcb is very important. We need to buy a publish one, it mean every one can aesy have it if they want. So Duc order KBD 67 form China and shipping to VN.

Next step we need a 3d designer of keyboard that fit the PCB. He choose Iron Generic 65. That is a cool design but we want something different. It takes 6 days to develop the design, include a personal logo.

You know how many time we use to finish everythings; 40 days is an answer. RShape support all the case design, logo is out source. Sand pressure and Anodize color is the final solution.

This is new journey for RSHAPE and also customer Duc. We special thanks customer who believe and choose RSHAPE.

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